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single-breasted jacket click to hear : single-breasted jacket

Jacket that is neither close-fitting nor flared.
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flap pocket pocket handkerchief notch front lapel lining center back vent back sleeve

flap pocket click to hear : flap pocket

Pocket cut into the garment with a flap that can be tucked inside the pocket or worn outside.

pocket handkerchief click to hear : pocket handkerchief

Small delicate handkerchief that adorns the upper pocket of a jacket.

notch click to hear : notch

Angle formed where the collar and the lapel meet.

front click to hear : front

Part of the jacket covering the front of the torso.

lapel click to hear : lapel

Part of a garment turned down over the chest, extending the collar.

lining click to hear : lining

Soft fabric cut from the same pattern as the garment inside which it is sewn; it gives body to the garment, embellishes it, hides its seams and makes it warmer.

center back vent click to hear : center back vent

Vertical opening with overlapping edges at the bottom of a jacket; it extends the center seam at the back, giving the jacket fullness.

back click to hear : back

Part of the jacket covering the back of the torso.

sleeve click to hear : sleeve

Part of the garment covering the arm; it can be of various shapes and lengths.