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vest click to hear : vest

Short garment worn over a shirt and under a jacket; it is sleeveless, buttons up the front and has a deep V-neck. The back is made out of lining material.
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welt pocket front lining adjustable waist tab seam welt V-neck

welt pocket click to hear : welt pocket

Pocket where the opening is a slit cut into the garment, edged with a welt.

front click to hear : front

Part of the vest that covers the torso.

lining click to hear : lining

Soft fabric cut from the same pattern as the garment inside which it is sewn; it gives body to the garment, embellishes it, hides its seams and makes it warmer.

adjustable waist tab click to hear : adjustable waist tab

Tape used to tighten a garment around the waist by means of a buckle sewn onto the garment or onto another tab.

seam click to hear : seam

Decorative set of stitches joining two pieces of a garment, giving it a distinctive line.

welt click to hear : welt

Narrow strip of material that is attached to the garment on three sides and decorates the pocket opening.

V-neck click to hear : V-neck

Plunging part of the garment encircling the neck and forming a V over the chest.