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shirt click to hear : shirt

Garment covering the torso with a collar, a yoke at the back, shirttails and buttons down the front.
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set-in sleeve cuff pointed tab end buttoned placket breast pocket shirttail button front collar point collar yoke spread collar collar stay buttondown collar

set-in sleeve click to hear : set-in sleeve

Sleeve cut separately from the garment and sewn to the armhole.

cuff click to hear : cuff

Strip of fabric sewn onto the end of the sleeve tightening it and covering the wrist.

pointed tab end click to hear : pointed tab end

Narrow strip of fabric ending in a point and adorning the sleeve slit.

buttoned placket click to hear : buttoned placket

Narrow strip of fabric along the opening of a garment containing the buttonholes.

breast pocket click to hear : breast pocket

Pocket of various styles usually on the side of the garment at chest height.

shirttail click to hear : shirttail

Extension of the bottom of the garment; it can be left hanging out or tucked into the pants.

button click to hear : button

Small, often round object that is sewn onto a garment and used to fasten or adorn it.

front click to hear : front

Part of the shirt covering the front of the torso.

collar point click to hear : collar point

Somewhat pointed tip of the collar.

collar click to hear : collar

Piece sewn onto a garment that finishes or adorns the neck.

yoke click to hear : yoke

Variably shaped piece of fabric at the top of the garment, in front, in back or both; it begins at the shoulders or the waist, depending on the garment.

spread collar click to hear : spread collar

Collar whose points are spread far apart.

collar stay click to hear : collar stay

Small plastic or metal strip inside the collar point that prevents it from curling.

buttondown collar click to hear : buttondown collar

Collar whose points are buttoned to the shirtfront.