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coats click to hear : coats

Outerwear that is fastened in front; coats are worn over other garments to protect against the cold and inclement weather.
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raincoat buttonhole broad welt side pocket side panel tab collar raglan sleeve notched lapel

raincoat click to hear : raincoat

Coat, sometimes with a hood, that keeps the rain off because of the kind of material used to make it or because it has been waterproofed.

buttonhole click to hear : buttonhole

Small slit in a garment through which a button is pushed.

broad welt side pocket click to hear : broad welt side pocket

Angled pocket; the outer edge of the opening has a wide welt.

side panel click to hear : side panel

Extension of the coat that is left hanging loose.

tab click to hear : tab

Narrow strip of fabric attached horizontally to the sleeve end to embellish it.

collar click to hear : collar

Piece sewn onto a garment that finishes or adorns the neck.

raglan sleeve click to hear : raglan sleeve

Sleeve extending over the shoulder and attached front and back with a slanted seam running from under the armhole to the neck.

notched lapel click to hear : notched lapel

Lapel forming an angle where it meets the collar.