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coats click to hear : coats

Outerwear that is fastened in front; coats are worn over other garments to protect against the cold and inclement weather.
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trench coat frame belt loop broad welt side pocket sleeve strap loop belt sleeve strap double-breasted buttoning gun flap raglan sleeve epaulet two-way collar

trench coat click to hear : trench coat

Raincoat characterized by double-breasted buttoning, a belt, gun flaps, a collar with lapels, large pockets and tabs on the sleeves and shoulders.

frame click to hear : frame

Fastener made up of a ring that secures the two ends of a belt.

belt loop click to hear : belt loop

Flat ring next to the frame usually made of the same material as the belt; one end of the belt passes through it.

broad welt side pocket click to hear : broad welt side pocket

Angled pocket; the outer edge of the opening has a wide welt.

sleeve strap loop click to hear : sleeve strap loop

Thin strip of material attached vertically to the sleeve; the sleeve strap threads through it to hold it in place.

belt click to hear : belt

Strap made of various materials often with a frame; it is worn around the waist to adjust the fit of a garment, hold it in place or adorn it.

sleeve strap click to hear : sleeve strap

Narrow strip of fabric that is sewn horizontally at the bottom of the sleeve to make it less full.

double-breasted buttoning click to hear : double-breasted buttoning

Fastening system made up of two parallel rows of buttons.

gun flap click to hear : gun flap

Loose front and back yoke used as a decorative element and as protection against wind and rain.

raglan sleeve click to hear : raglan sleeve

Sleeve extending over the shoulder and attached front and back with a slanted seam running from under the armhole to the neck.

epaulet click to hear : epaulet

Decorative tab attached to the shoulder and sometimes buttoned down; it is inspired by the military uniform.

two-way collar click to hear : two-way collar

Collar designed to be worn in various ways.