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belt click to hear : belt

Strap made of various materials often with a buckle; it is worn around the waist to adjust the fit of a garment, hold it in place or adorn it.
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tip punch hole belt loop buckle tongue panel top stitching

tip click to hear : tip

End of the belt that passes through the buckle.

punch hole click to hear : punch hole

Perforation in the belt through which the tongue passes.

belt loop click to hear : belt loop

Flat ring next to the buckle usually made of the same material as the belt; one end of the belt passes through it.

buckle click to hear : buckle

Fastener made up of a ring that secures the two ends of a belt.

tongue click to hear : tongue

Metal tip that pivots on the buckle’s axis and fits into a hole, buckling the belt.

panel click to hear : panel

Smooth side of a piece of leather.

top stitching click to hear : top stitching

Stitching used to embellish the belt.