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underwear click to hear : underwear

Garments worn next to the skin and under other garments.
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bikini briefs briefs crotch elasticized leg opening fly waistband drawers

bikini briefs click to hear : bikini briefs

Snug-fitting briefs, low-cut on the hips and high-cut on the thighs.

briefs click to hear : briefs

Short legless undergarment with elastic at the waist and thighs and a fly.

crotch click to hear : crotch

Part of the briefs that goes between the legs.

elasticized leg opening click to hear : elasticized leg opening

Opening that is edged with elastic so it fits snugly around the thigh.

fly click to hear : fly

Opening in the front of the briefs.

waistband click to hear : waistband

Strip of elasticized material fitting snugly over the hips to hold the garment in place.

drawers click to hear : drawers

Undergarment covering the legs; it has a waistband and is gathered at the ankles with fine ribbing.