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women’s gloves click to hear : women’s gloves

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mitt gauntlet evening glove gauntlet short glove wrist-length glove

mitt click to hear : mitt

Often dressy glove, either long or of medium length; it fits tightly along the arm and covers only the first finger joints.

gauntlet click to hear : gauntlet

Relatively long part of a glove that extends from the base of the thumb to the top of the glove.

evening glove click to hear : evening glove

Glove where the gauntlet extends over the elbow.

gauntlet click to hear : gauntlet

Glove to which a somewhat flared cuff is attached at the wrist; it is made of various, often decorative kinds of material.

short glove click to hear : short glove

Glove covering only the hand or extending slightly over the wrist.

wrist-length glove click to hear : wrist-length glove

Plain unembellished glove with a flared gauntlet covering the wrist.