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traditional clothing click to hear : traditional clothing

Examples of clothing that have characterized different regions for a number of generations.
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loincloth boubou caftan fez turban

loincloth click to hear : loincloth

Piece of fabric or woven plant fibers that is worn around the waist by certain peoples of South America, Africa and Oceania.

boubou click to hear : boubou

Full garment made from a length of fabric folded in two; it is worn by black African men and women.

caftan click to hear : caftan

Long full Oriental garment, often richly decorated; it is worn by men as ceremonial attire.

fez click to hear : fez

Skullcap of white or red woolen fabric, usually bearing a tassel; it has long been the traditional Turkish headgear.

turban click to hear : turban

Oriental headgear worn by men and made from a strip of fabric encircling the head, which was previously covered with a fabric base.