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shoe polisher insole climbing iron shoehorn shoeshine kit shoebrush shoe polish case chamois leather

shoe polisher click to hear : shoe polisher

Electric appliance with interchangeable brushes, used to polish or shine shoes.

insole click to hear : insole

Removable object placed inside the shoe to improve its fit, absorb sweat from the foot or keep it dry.

climbing iron click to hear : climbing iron

Object with sharp metal spikes that is attached under the shoe with a strap, making it possible to walk on hard snow or ice without slipping.

shoehorn click to hear : shoehorn

Curved tongue placed at the back of the shoe to ease it onto the foot.

shoeshine kit click to hear : shoeshine kit

Box or case used to store various shoe care products.

shoebrush click to hear : shoebrush

Bunches of bristles, horsehair or synthetic fibers attached to a usually wooden handle and used to clean shoes.

shoe polish click to hear : shoe polish

Wax-based mixture, packaged in tins, that is applied to leather to make it shine.

case click to hear : case

chamois leather click to hear : chamois leather

Soft velvety hide used to shine leather shoes.