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elements of ancient costume click to hear : elements of ancient costume

Examples of different articles of clothing characteristic of a period, country, condition or occasion.
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toga purple border sinus peplos fold fibula

toga click to hear : toga

Very long length of woolen fabric that Romans wrapped around themselves, draping it over the left shoulder and arm and leaving the right arm free.

purple border click to hear : purple border

In ancient Rome, the purple border was worn by magistrates and by boys until the age of 16.

sinus click to hear : sinus

Part of the toga that draped down over the left shoulder and went under the right arm, creating carefully arranged folds.

peplos click to hear : peplos

In ancient times, a rectangle of woolen fabric wrapped around the torso and pinned at the shoulders, worn by Greek women.

fold click to hear : fold

Part of the cloth folded over the belt to make it puff out.

fibula click to hear : fibula

In ancient times, a pin or metal fastener used to secure clothing.