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training suit click to hear : training suit

Outfit made up of a jacket or shirt and pants; it is usually made of jersey fleece and is worn over sports clothes or as casual wear.
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hooded sweat shirt sweat pants sweat shirt anorak pants

hooded sweat shirt click to hear : hooded sweat shirt

Cotton fleece pullover that is often worn as outerwear; it has ribbing at the wrists and hips, a drawstring hood and a hand-warmer pouch.

sweat pants click to hear : sweat pants

Training suit pants with a drawstring waist and ribbed ankles.

sweat shirt click to hear : sweat shirt

Loose fleece pullover usually with a round neck, long sleeves and ribbing at the hips and wrists.

anorak click to hear : anorak

Waterproof sports jacket with long sleeves, a drawstring hood and waist and gathered wrists.

pants click to hear : pants

Garment for the lower body; it extends from the waist or the hips to the ankles, covering each leg separately.