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exercise wear click to hear : exercise wear

Clothing appropriate for sports, dancing or acrobatics.
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leg-warmer tank top boxer shorts leotard footless tights swimsuit swimming trunks

leg-warmer click to hear : leg-warmer

Knitted tube-shaped covering that extends from the ankle to the knee or mid-thigh and keeps the muscles warm.

tank top click to hear : tank top

Short, fairly tight low-cut shirt without sleeves or a collar.

boxer shorts click to hear : boxer shorts

Briefs covering the top of the thighs; they are gathered by an elasticized waist and have an inner bikini bottom.

leotard click to hear : leotard

Tight-fitting stretch knit garment combining a bodice and briefs.

footless tights click to hear : footless tights

Tight-fitting stretch knit pants that end at the ankle and usually have an elasticized waist.

swimsuit click to hear : swimsuit

Women’s swimming garment that is tight-fitting and usually stretchy; it can be in one piece or consist of briefs and a bikini top.

swimming trunks click to hear : swimming trunks

Low-waisted briefs with very high-cut legs; they are usually stretchy and tight-fitting and are worn by men for swimming.