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nail care click to hear : nail care

The means of making the hands and especially the nails more beautiful.
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manicure set strap cuticle scissors zipper case eyebrow tweezers cuticle nippers nail scissors nail file nail shaper cuticle trimmer cuticle pusher

manicure set click to hear : manicure set

Range of instruments used for nail care.

strap click to hear : strap

Strip of leather or sometimes elasticized material keeping the instruments in place.

cuticle scissors click to hear : cuticle scissors

Scissors used to trim cuticles; the thin, flat or curved blades are designed to reach the corners of the nails.

zipper click to hear : zipper

Closure made up of two lengths of tape edged with teeth that interlock by means of a slide.

case click to hear : case

Usually rigid-sided case that is shaped to fit the articles it is designed to hold.

eyebrow tweezers click to hear : eyebrow tweezers

Delicate pincers used to pluck out hairs.

cuticle nippers click to hear : cuticle nippers

Pincers with short convex jaws that are used to trim cuticles.

nail scissors click to hear : nail scissors

Scissors with short flat, slightly curved edges that are used to trim fingernails and toenails.

nail file click to hear : nail file

Ridged metal blade used to file down and smooth nails.

nail shaper click to hear : nail shaper

Beveled blade that is also used to trim the skin edging the nail base.

cuticle trimmer click to hear : cuticle trimmer

Blade with a concave end that follows the shape of the nail; it is used to trim the strip of skin edging the base of the nail (cuticle).

cuticle pusher click to hear : cuticle pusher

Spatula-shaped instrument used to push back the strip of skin edging the base of the nail.