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running shoe click to hear : running shoe

Light but sturdy canvas and rubber or leather shoe worn for sports or leisure.
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nose of the quarter tag middle sole heel stitch quarter counter collar lining tongue air unit shoelace punch hole vamp eyelet stud outsole

nose of the quarter click to hear : nose of the quarter

Part where the quarter extends forward on each side of the shoe.

tag click to hear : tag

Metal or plastic sheath that covers each end of a lace to ease it through the eyelets.

middle sole click to hear : middle sole

Sole made of various materials, placed over the outsole and cushioning the entire foot.

heel click to hear : heel

Stiff part underneath the shoe that supports the back of the foot.

stitch click to hear : stitch

Visible stitching that both embellishes and reinforces the shoe.

quarter click to hear : quarter

Back part of the shoe that surrounds the heel of the foot and extends over the instep to reinforce it.

counter click to hear : counter

Piece used to reinforce the back of the shoe and keep the heel of the foot in place.

collar click to hear : collar

Strip of fabric or leather along the edge of the lining.

lining click to hear : lining

Fabric or leather facing that protects and finishes the inside of the shoe.

tongue click to hear : tongue

Extension of the vamp that prevents the fastening system from rubbing against the foot; it is lifted when the shoe is put on.

air unit click to hear : air unit

Compartment in the middle sole that is filled with air to absorb impact.

shoelace click to hear : shoelace

Narrow cord of fabric or leather, flat or round, that is threaded through eyelets or hooks to tighten the shoe.

punch hole click to hear : punch hole

Each of the small holes made in the shoe to form a decorative pattern.

vamp click to hear : vamp

Part of the shoe that covers the front of the foot.

eyelet click to hear : eyelet

Small metal-rimmed hole through which the lace passes.

stud click to hear : stud

Rubber projection molded into the outsole to improve its grip.

outsole click to hear : outsole

Sturdy piece of rubber or leather that forms the bottom of the shoe and is in contact with the ground.