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women’s headgear click to hear : women’s headgear

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southwester cloche turban pillbox hat toque cartwheel hat gob hat brim crown

southwester click to hear : southwester

Waterproof headgear with a narrow brim that widens over the nape of the neck to protect it from inclement weather.

cloche click to hear : cloche

Hat of the 1920s and ’30s with a cylindrical crown and a narrow brim.

turban click to hear : turban

Headgear made of a long strip of fabric, wound around so that it covers the entire head but leaves the forehead uncovered.

pillbox hat click to hear : pillbox hat

Small low, round or oval toque worn perched on top of the head or pulled down.

toque click to hear : toque

Brimless headgear made of fabric or fur, with a cylindrical crown and a flat top that fits snugly on the head.

cartwheel hat click to hear : cartwheel hat

Headgear in fashion from the early 20th century, made of straw or light fibers with a large soft brim of uniform width.

gob hat click to hear : gob hat

Headgear made of soft light material that is worn over the brow and fits snugly on the head; the brim can be worn down to shade the face.

brim click to hear : brim

Part of the hat encircling the base of the crown.

crown click to hear : crown

Part of the hat that fits on top of the head.