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sweaters click to hear : sweaters

Garments covering the torso and manufactured by hand or by machine from fabric with varying tightness of weave.
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V-neck cardigan button V-neck welt pocket ribbing hanger loop

V-neck cardigan click to hear : V-neck cardigan

Woolen sweater ending at the hips and characterized by front buttons, a V-neck and ribbing at the bottom and wrists.

button click to hear : button

Small, often round object that is sewn onto a garment and used to fasten or adorn it.

V-neck click to hear : V-neck

Plunging part of the garment encircling the neck and forming a V over the chest.

welt pocket click to hear : welt pocket

Pocket whose opening is adorned and reinforced by one or two thin strips.

ribbing click to hear : ribbing

Tight elastic knitted strip around the sleeve or the bottom of a garment for tightening, reinforcing and adorning them.

hanger loop click to hear : hanger loop

Small strap attached to the inside of a garment at the neck and used to hang it.