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sweaters click to hear : sweaters

Garments covering the torso and manufactured by hand or by machine from fabric with varying tightness of weave.
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sweater vest cardigan crew neck sweater turtleneck knit shirt buttoned placket

sweater vest click to hear : sweater vest

Sleeveless sweater usually with a wide neck and armholes, intended for wearing over another garment.

cardigan click to hear : cardigan

Fine long-sleeved sweater ending at the hips and characterized by front buttoning, a round neck and a ribbed bottom and wrists.

crew neck sweater click to hear : crew neck sweater

Sweater with a close-fitting rounded neck.

turtleneck click to hear : turtleneck

Sweater with a high close-fitting neck made of ribbing that is folded down; it usually has no fastener.

knit shirt click to hear : knit shirt

Usually short-sleeved sweater that has a pointed turned-down collar; it is often fastened with a placket ending at mid-chest.

buttoned placket click to hear : buttoned placket

Narrow strip of fabric edging the opening of a knit shirt and containing several buttonholes.