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unisex shoes click to hear : unisex shoes

Shoes worn by members of both sexes.
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moccasin mule loafer clog espadrille

moccasin click to hear : moccasin

Flat, very soft slip-on casual shoe with ridged seams; it is characterized by an apron sewn onto the vamp, which molds to the instep.

mule click to hear : mule

Flat light, usually indoor shoe; it has a vamp only, leaving the heel bare.

loafer click to hear : loafer

Dressy moccasin with a flat heel.

clog click to hear : clog

Toeless mule with a thick, generally wooden sole; it is held on the foot by a thick strap.

espadrille click to hear : espadrille

Canvas shoe characterized by a woven rope sole; it is held on the foot by a lace tied around the ankle.