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facsimile (fax) machine click to hear : facsimile (fax) machine

Equipment used to send written documents over a telephone network.
facsimile (fax) machine image
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number key control keys reset key function keys paper guide document-to-be-sent position receiving tray data display start key sent document tray

number key click to hear : number key

Button used to automatically dial a fax number held in memory.

control keys click to hear : control keys

The buttons used to carry out various operations such as automatic dialing, batch transmission and store-and-forward transmission.

reset key click to hear : reset key

Button used to cancel an operation or a setting.

function keys click to hear : function keys

The buttons used to select an option or adjust parameters such as transmission mode and contrast.

paper guide click to hear : paper guide

Movable device that adjusts the position of the original documents from side to side.

document-to-be-sent position click to hear : document-to-be-sent position

Slot into which outgoing faxes are inserted; it converts graphic data into electric pulses for transmission.

receiving tray click to hear : receiving tray

Tray in which incoming faxes are collected.

data display click to hear : data display

Liquid crystal display that shows a variety of information such as dialed number, sender’s number, equipment settings and completed operations.

start key click to hear : start key

sent document tray click to hear : sent document tray

Tray in which original documents are collected once they have been scanned by the fax machine.