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communications image

All the auditory and visual signals humans use to transmit messages, either directly or through channels and equipment.

writing instruments image

writing instruments
The first true writing instruments were made by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia nearly 5,000 years ago.

newspaper image

Usually daily publication whose main purpose is to report and comment on the latest news of society, politics, the arts, sports and other areas of interest.

diacritic symbols image

diacritic symbols
Symbols added to a letter; they usually change its pronunciation.

miscellaneous symbols image

miscellaneous symbols
Symbols are standardized marks used to refer concisely to a thing, a being or a concept.

punctuation marks image

punctuation marks
All the standardized marks used to divide a text in order to make it more legible.

broadcast satellite communication image

broadcast satellite communication
Transmission of television signals (pictures and sound) to the general public by means of radio waves relayed by satellite.

telecommunications by satellite image

telecommunications by satellite
Transmission of data such as images, sound and computer data using radio waves relayed by satellites.

telecommunication satellites image

telecommunication satellites
Space vehicles placed into geostationary orbit at an altitude of 36,000 km to receive and broadcast long-distance signals in the form of radio waves.

radio: studio and control room image

radio: studio and control room
Area with two rooms separated by a glass window where audio programs are produced, recorded or broadcast.

dynamic microphone image

dynamic microphone
Device with a moving coil traveling in a magnetic field that converts sounds into electric pulses for broadcasting or recording.

mini stereo sound system image

mini stereo sound system
Sound reproduction system with miniaturized components (including ampli-tuner, speakers and reader).

portable sound systems image

portable sound systems
Small self-contained sound reproduction equipment that can be carried easily from one place to another.

typography image

General term for the graphic representation of characters printed on a material or surface, with or without the use of letterpress.

public postal network image

public postal network
Infrastructure with which the national postal service delivers the mail entrusted to it.

wireless communication image

wireless communication
Transmission of voice or alphanumeric messages by radio waves; it uses small devices that are equipped with a transmitting or receiving antenna.

communication by telephone image

communication by telephone
Transmission of data, voice, audio or video messages between parties linked by a telephone network.