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single-lens reflex (SLR) camera: camera back click to hear : single-lens reflex (SLR) camera: camera back

single-lens reflex (SLR) camera: camera back image
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film cartridge chamber film guide roller film guide rail film leader indicator pressure plate film sprocket neckstrap eyelet take-up spool focal plane shutter viewfinder film rewind system

film cartridge chamber click to hear : film cartridge chamber

Compartment that holds a film cartridge.

film guide roller click to hear : film guide roller

Rotating cylinder that directs the film from the cartridge toward the film guide rails.

film guide rail click to hear : film guide rail

Each of the flat metal rails on both sides of the focal plane shutter; the taut film travels along them.

film leader indicator click to hear : film leader indicator

Indicator showing whether the film leader (end of the film extending outside the cartridge) is properly inserted into the take-up spool.

pressure plate click to hear : pressure plate

Spring plate that keeps the film flat as it passes behind the lens.

film sprocket click to hear : film sprocket

Small serrated wheel that guides the film toward the take-up spool.

neckstrap eyelet click to hear : neckstrap eyelet

Small ring that holds a strap to help carry the camera.

take-up spool click to hear : take-up spool

Cylinder for winding the exposed film.

focal plane shutter click to hear : focal plane shutter

Opaque device that opens for a predetermined length of time based on the shutter speed chosen; it allows light to come in contact with the film.

viewfinder click to hear : viewfinder

Device for viewing the scene to be photographed, framing it and adjusting its clarity.

film rewind system click to hear : film rewind system

Manual or motorized device that winds a partially or totally exposed film back into its cartridge.