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walkie-talkie click to hear : walkie-talkie

Portable two-way radio used to relay the human voice over short distances.
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call button monitor button volume control microphone lock button push-to-talk switch speaker menu button power button scroll button display antenna light button

call button click to hear : call button

Button that signals the desire to communicate with another user.

monitor button click to hear : monitor button

Button used to check if a broadcast or receiving channel is free before transmitting.

volume control click to hear : volume control

Button that controls the loudness of the walkie-talkie.

microphone click to hear : microphone

Device that converts electric pulses into broadcast or recorded sounds.

lock button click to hear : lock button

Button that deactivates the menu and scroll buttons to prevent equipment settings from being changed accidentally.

push-to-talk switch click to hear : push-to-talk switch

When this button is pressed, voice messages can be sent from one extension to another; when it is released, messages can be received.

speaker click to hear : speaker

Integrated device used to generate sound.

power button click to hear : power button

Mechanical switching device that turns the walkie-talkie on or off.

scroll button click to hear : scroll button

Button that adjusts the speaker volume and changes equipment settings.

display click to hear : display

Liquid crystal display showing instructions for setting or operating the walkie-talkie.

antenna click to hear : antenna

Device that emits and receives radio waves.

light button click to hear : light button

Button that illuminates the display to make the data more legible in poor lighting conditions.