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telephone set click to hear : telephone set

Device allowing the human voice to be transmitted over a distance by means of a network of telephone lines.
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display setting ringing volume control function selectors memory button automatic dialer index telephone index push buttons handset cord transmitter receiver volume control handset on-off light display receiver

display setting click to hear : display setting

Button used to change the display parameters.

ringing volume control click to hear : ringing volume control

Button that controls the loudness of the ringing.

function selectors click to hear : function selectors

Control buttons that operate various equipment functions such as last-number redial, call hold and link.

memory button click to hear : memory button

Button that automatically dials a telephone number held in memory.

automatic dialer index click to hear : automatic dialer index

List of names and telephone numbers corresponding to the memory buttons.

telephone index click to hear : telephone index

List of frequently used names and telephone numbers.

push buttons click to hear : push buttons

Keys corresponding to letters, numbers and symbols that are used to dial a number or access functions.

handset cord click to hear : handset cord

transmitter click to hear : transmitter

Device that converts electric pulses into broadcast or recorded sounds.

receiver volume control click to hear : receiver volume control

handset click to hear : handset

Movable part of the telephone made up of the receiver and the transmitter.

on-off light click to hear : on-off light

display click to hear : display

Liquid crystal display that shows various information such as phone settings, text messages, dialed numbers and a caller’s name and number.

receiver click to hear : receiver

Small voice reproduction speaker that is placed over the ear.