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studio floor click to hear : studio floor

Room designed for recording television program sounds and images; it might be soundproof or not.
studio floor image
achat d'image achat d'image

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cables camera microphone boom tripod microphone boom microphone cyclorama floodlight test pattern floodlight on pantograph lighting grid spotlight curtain

cables click to hear : cables

camera click to hear : camera

Filming device whose optical system separates light into the three primary colors and converts it into electronic signals for broadcast.

microphone boom tripod click to hear : microphone boom tripod

Very stable three-sided support on wheels.

microphone boom click to hear : microphone boom

Arm from which a microphone is suspended and positioned above the performers’ heads and thus off-camera.

microphone click to hear : microphone

Device that converts electric pulses into broadcast or recorded sounds.

cyclorama click to hear : cyclorama

Fixed or removable backdrop around the set of a program; it is used to produce various visual effects.

floodlight click to hear : floodlight

Light with a wide beam that is used to illuminate an entire scene.

test pattern click to hear : test pattern

Image used to calibrate and adjust various camera settings.

floodlight on pantograph click to hear : floodlight on pantograph

Broad light that is mounted on an expandable support whose height can be adjusted.

lighting grid click to hear : lighting grid

Grid used to hold the spotlights.

spotlight click to hear : spotlight

Small multidirectional light providing localized illumination of an actor or part of a set.

curtain click to hear : curtain

Movable piece of cloth used as set decoration.