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production control room click to hear : production control room

Area equipped to select and compose pictures to be broadcast or recorded; it is also used to coordinate activities in other control rooms and the studio.
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achat d'image achat d'image

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production desk telephone intercom station intercom microphone auxiliary video switcher output monitor main preview monitor production video switcher digital video special effects audio volume unit meters audio monitoring selector video monitoring selector audio monitor input monitors monitor wall clock digital video effects monitor preview monitors audio/video preview unit technical producer monitor vector/waveform monitor stereo phase monitor

production desk click to hear : production desk

Desk housing all the technical equipment of the production control room.

telephone click to hear : telephone

Device allowing the human voice to be transmitted over a distance by means of a network of telephone lines.

intercom station click to hear : intercom station

Speakerphone for communicating between different locations in the same building.

intercom microphone click to hear : intercom microphone

Microphone used by the producer, production assistant or a technician to transmit directions to crew members in other control rooms or in the studio.

auxiliary video switcher click to hear : auxiliary video switcher

Additional video switcher.

output monitor click to hear : output monitor

Screen for viewing a picture that was broadcast or recorded.

main preview monitor click to hear : main preview monitor

Screen for viewing a program before it is broadcast or recorded.

production video switcher click to hear : production video switcher

Device used to select and transmit pictures to be broadcast or recorded; it can create various transitional effects between images.

digital video special effects click to hear : digital video special effects

Device used to create special effects from digital images.

audio volume unit meters click to hear : audio volume unit meters

Instruments that measure the relative intensity of sounds.

audio monitoring selector click to hear : audio monitoring selector

Device for selecting a sound source to be checked.

video monitoring selector click to hear : video monitoring selector

Device for selecting a picture to be checked.

audio monitor click to hear : audio monitor

Device that reproduces the audio portion of an on-air program to monitor its sound quality.

input monitors click to hear : input monitors

Screens displaying pictures taken by studio cameras or originating from various other sources such as a videocassette recorder or a telecine.

monitor wall click to hear : monitor wall

Set of screens on which various camera shots are projected as requested by the producer; it allows the producer to switch from one shot to another during the program.

clock click to hear : clock

Clock used to time a program.

digital video effects monitor click to hear : digital video effects monitor

Screen used to view special effects generated by digital video special effects.

preview monitors click to hear : preview monitors

Screens used to view a picture before broadcasting or recording it to ensure its quality.

audio/video preview unit click to hear : audio/video preview unit

Module used to check sound and picture quality.

technical producer monitor click to hear : technical producer monitor

Screen allowing the technical producer to check a picture.

vector/waveform monitor click to hear : vector/waveform monitor

Measuring device used to check the quality of a video signal (light intensity and colors).

stereo phase monitor click to hear : stereo phase monitor

Measuring device used to check the phase of a stereophonic signal.