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studio and control rooms click to hear : studio and control rooms

A television studio is made up of a set and three control rooms housing a variety of facilities for controlling broadcasting and recording.
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connection box audio monitor equipment rack musical advisers bass trap audio technician audio console production adviser script assistant producer monitor wall video switcher technician technical producer lighting board lighting board operator lighting control room lighting technician camera control technician camera control unit auxiliary facilities room microphone boom camera additional production personnel lighting grid access audio control room production control room lighting/camera control area studio floor

connection box click to hear : connection box

Panel containing all the jacks that connect control room equipment such as cameras, microphones and intercoms.

audio monitor click to hear : audio monitor

Device that reproduces the audio portion of an on-air program to monitor its sound quality.

equipment rack click to hear : equipment rack

Cabinet used to store control room technical equipment.

musical advisers click to hear : musical advisers

Production assistants for the musical portion of a program.

bass trap click to hear : bass trap

Device used to mute or eliminate certain low audio frequencies in a room.

audio technician click to hear : audio technician

Person responsible for sound recording.

audio console click to hear : audio console

Console made up of all the devices used to control, adjust and mix sound.

production adviser click to hear : production adviser

Production associate who is responsible mainly for overseeing the proper flow of a program.

script assistant click to hear : script assistant

Assistant to the producer who is responsible mainly for the technical aspects of a program’s sequences.

producer click to hear : producer

Person in charge of the technical and artistic direction while a movie or a television program is being shot.

monitor wall click to hear : monitor wall

Set of screens on which various camera shots are projected as requested by the producer; it allows the producer to switch from one shot to another during the program.

video switcher technician click to hear : video switcher technician

Person responsible for switching from one camera to the other as requested by the producer.

technical producer click to hear : technical producer

Person responsible for all technical elements of a production, including sound and picture quality.

lighting board click to hear : lighting board

Console housing all the equipment used to control and adjust the spotlights.

lighting board operator click to hear : lighting board operator

Person responsible for making lighting changes during production.

lighting control room click to hear : lighting control room

Room housing a set of devices used to vary the intensity of the spotlights.

lighting technician click to hear : lighting technician

Person responsible for drawing up lighting plans and supervising the installation and operation of the spotlights.

camera control technician click to hear : camera control technician

Person responsible for camera operations and the quality of the pictures.

camera control unit click to hear : camera control unit

Console housing all the equipment used to control and adjust the cameras.

auxiliary facilities room click to hear : auxiliary facilities room

Room in which various technical and administrative activities are carried out.

microphone boom click to hear : microphone boom

Arm from which a microphone is suspended and positioned above the performers’ heads and thus off-camera.

camera click to hear : camera

Filming device whose optical system separates light into the three primary colors and converts it into electronic signals for broadcast.

additional production personnel click to hear : additional production personnel

Team of assistants and consultants involved in producing a television program.

lighting grid access click to hear : lighting grid access

Area providing access to the catwalk above the lighting grid.

audio control room click to hear : audio control room

Room with the control and monitoring equipment required for sound recording.

production control room click to hear : production control room

Area equipped to select and compose pictures to be broadcast or recorded; it is also used to coordinate activities in other control rooms and the studio.

lighting/camera control area click to hear : lighting/camera control area

Room equipped to control camera shots and lighting.

studio floor click to hear : studio floor

Room designed for recording television program sounds and images; it might be soundproof or not.