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cassette tape deck click to hear : cassette tape deck

Device used to play back and record sounds on a recording tape cassette.
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record muting button recording level control record button pause button stop button rewind button cassette holder eject button play button tape counter counter reset button fast-forward button tape selector peak level meter

record muting button click to hear : record muting button

Key used to record a blank section at the start of a track or between two tracks.

recording level control click to hear : recording level control

Device used to change the intensity of the recorded sound signals.

record button click to hear : record button

Key used to activate the sound recording mechanism on a tape.

pause button click to hear : pause button

Key used to temporarily stop the playback or recording of a tape.

stop button click to hear : stop button

Key used to interrupt the playback, recording, rewinding or fast-forwarding of a tape.

rewind button click to hear : rewind button

Control key used to rewind a tape.

cassette holder click to hear : cassette holder

Compartment receiving the cassette for playback.

eject button click to hear : eject button

Key activating the mechanism to eject a cassette from the cassette holder.

play button click to hear : play button

Key used to play back a tape.

tape counter click to hear : tape counter

Device showing the length of a recorded segment on a tape.

counter reset button click to hear : counter reset button

Key used to reset a tape counter to zero.

fast-forward button click to hear : fast-forward button

Control key used to fast-forward a tape.

tape selector click to hear : tape selector

The buttons used to indicate clearly the type of recording tape (normal, chrome or metal).

peak level meter click to hear : peak level meter

Device showing the intensity of the sound signals being played back or recorded.