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mini stereo sound system click to hear : mini stereo sound system

Sound reproduction system with miniaturized components (including ampli-tuner, speakers and reader).
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ampli-tuner dual cassette deck compact disc player loudspeaker compact disc recorder

ampli-tuner click to hear : ampli-tuner

Device combining the functions of a tuner (receiving radio signals) and an amplifier (increasing the strength of a sound signal).

dual cassette deck click to hear : dual cassette deck

Equipment with two slots for cassettes; it is used to play back and record sounds on a recording tape cassette.

compact disc player click to hear : compact disc player

Device using a laser beam to play back sounds recorded on a compact disc (CD).

loudspeaker click to hear : loudspeaker

Case enclosing one or several speakers, which convert electric pulses into sound waves by means of an amplifier.

compact disc recorder click to hear : compact disc recorder

Equipment used to record sounds by laser etching onto a recordable compact disc.