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record click to hear : record

Usually vinyl, circular medium on which sounds are recorded.
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tail-out groove spiral spiral-in groove band label center hole locked groove

tail-out groove click to hear : tail-out groove

Part of the locked groove that marks the end of the last band.

spiral click to hear : spiral

Blank part of the locked groove that separates two bands.

spiral-in groove click to hear : spiral-in groove

Part of the locked groove that marks the beginning of the record.

band click to hear : band

Part of the locked groove that contains a recording; the sides of the groove are marked by hills and valleys, which cause the stylus to vibrate.

label click to hear : label

Marking affixed to the center of the record that provides information about its contents.

center hole click to hear : center hole

Circular opening for inserting the record on the center of the turntable.

locked groove click to hear : locked groove

Spiral groove etched into the surface of a record; the stylus cartridge of a record player travels along the groove from the outside in.