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record player click to hear : record player

Device using an arm fitted with a stylus cartridge to play back sounds from a record.
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tone arm base antiskating device rubber mat turntable base plate speed selector spindle cartridge stylus cartridge arm rest arm elevator hinge counterweight dust cover

tone arm click to hear : tone arm

Elongated movable part that holds the stylus cartridge and moves it along the surface of the record.

base click to hear : base

Structure supporting all the record player components.

antiskating device click to hear : antiskating device

Device that reduces the effect of centripetal force, which draws the toner arm toward the middle of the record.

rubber mat click to hear : rubber mat

Antiskid and antiscratch turntable cover that is usually made of felt or rubber.

turntable click to hear : turntable

Rotating part on which the record rests when played.

base plate click to hear : base plate

Plate that supports the turntable; it is usually attached to the base by a springy suspension.

speed selector click to hear : speed selector

Device used to select the turntable speed (45 or 33 1/3 revolutions per minute).

spindle click to hear : spindle

Cylindrical part that acts as a pivot for the turntable and record.

cartridge click to hear : cartridge

Device that converts the vibrations of the stylus into electric pulses as it travels along the locked groove.

stylus cartridge click to hear : stylus cartridge

Part made up of a magnetic cartridge and a supporting shell; it is attached to the end of the tone arm.

arm rest click to hear : arm rest

Part that supports the tone arm when it is at rest.

arm elevator click to hear : arm elevator

Lever that raises the tone arm.

hinge click to hear : hinge

counterweight click to hear : counterweight

Part that regulates the pressure of the stylus on the record groove.

dust cover click to hear : dust cover