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videocassette recorder (VCR) click to hear : videocassette recorder (VCR)

Device for playing back or recording audio and video signals on the magnetic tape of a videocassette.
videocassette recorder (VCR) image
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preset buttons reset button record button channel scan buttons pause/still button rewind button stop button cassette compartment cassette eject switch power button data display play button fast-forward button

preset buttons click to hear : preset buttons

Keys used mainly to preset the recording of a television program.

reset button click to hear : reset button

Key used to reset at zero the counter showing the length of a sequence.

record button click to hear : record button

Key used to begin to record a television program.

channel scan buttons click to hear : channel scan buttons

Keys used to change channels.

pause/still button click to hear : pause/still button

Key that stops a tape momentarily during playback to produce a still image on the screen.

rewind button click to hear : rewind button

Key that controls the rewinding of a tape; during playback, it also allows images to be scrolled backward.

stop button click to hear : stop button

Key used to halt playback of a tape or recording of a television program.

cassette compartment click to hear : cassette compartment

Space designed to receive a videocassette.

cassette eject switch click to hear : cassette eject switch

Key used to eject a videocassette from a VCR.

power button click to hear : power button

Mechanical connection that turns the VCR on or off.

data display click to hear : data display

Liquid crystal display showing instructions for setting or operating the player.

play button click to hear : play button

Key used to play back a tape.

fast-forward button click to hear : fast-forward button

Key that speeds up the forward motion of a tape; during playback, it also allows images to be scrolled forward.