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slide projector click to hear : slide projector

Device with a lamp and an optical system that projects an enlarged image of a slide on a screen.
slide projector image
achat d'image achat d'image

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autofocus on-off switch manual focusing knob leveling-adjustment foot objective lens storage compartment slide tray remote control power-off/slide-select bar reverse slide change forward slide change on-off switch slide lock ring

autofocus on-off switch click to hear : autofocus on-off switch

Device that starts and stops the mechanism automatically controlling the sharpness of the image.

manual focusing knob click to hear : manual focusing knob

Knob for manually adjusting the sharpness of the image projected on the screen.

leveling-adjustment foot click to hear : leveling-adjustment foot

Device that adjusts the position of the slide projector so that the image is centered on the screen.

objective lens click to hear : objective lens

System made up of a series of optical devices fixed on a mount and used to project an enlarged image of the slide on a screen.

storage compartment click to hear : storage compartment

Compartment used for storing various items, including the power cord and the remote control.

slide tray click to hear : slide tray

Container where slides are placed in order of projection.

remote control click to hear : remote control

Device manipulated from a distance that operates several of the slide projector’s functions such as forward and reverse slide changes.

power-off/slide-select bar click to hear : power-off/slide-select bar

Button that causes the slide tray to advance manually so that a specific slide can be selected.

reverse slide change click to hear : reverse slide change

Button that causes the previous slide to be projected on the screen.

forward slide change click to hear : forward slide change

Button that causes the next slide to be projected on the screen.

on-off switch click to hear : on-off switch

Button for turning the device on or off.

slide click to hear : slide

Positive photographic picture (with the same brightness as the original) that is mounted on a transparent backing and usually projected on a screen.

lock ring click to hear : lock ring

Part that holds the slides in place in the slide tray.