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photographic accessories click to hear : photographic accessories

Add-on devices that improve or change the way a camera operates.
photographic accessories image
achat d'image achat d'image

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flashcube battery flash lamp electronic flash mounting foot photoelectric cell flashtube

flashcube click to hear : flashcube

Glass cube with a lamp on each of its sides; rotating the cube provides four separate flashes.

battery click to hear : battery

Device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy.

flash lamp click to hear : flash lamp

Single-use lamp that produces a brief and intense flash of light to compensate for inadequate lighting.

electronic flash click to hear : electronic flash

Device with a lamp that produces a brief and intense flash of light; it is used to compensate for inadequate lighting.

mounting foot click to hear : mounting foot

Device used to mount the flash onto the accessory shoe.

photoelectric cell click to hear : photoelectric cell

Detector that measures the intensity of ambient light and controls the amount of light emitted by the flash.

flashtube click to hear : flashtube

Part that concentrates and channels light from the lamp toward the subject to be photographed.