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ampli-tuner: back view click to hear : ampli-tuner: back view

ampli-tuner: back view image
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power cord ground terminal cooling fan switched outlet loudspeaker terminals input/output audio/video jacks antenna terminals

power cord click to hear : power cord

Flexible electric wire housing the leads connecting the appliance to the electric circuit.

ground terminal click to hear : ground terminal

Device that grounds the electric current to prevent electrocution due to faulty equipment.

cooling fan click to hear : cooling fan

Fan that circulates air to cool the internal components of the ampli-tuner.

switched outlet click to hear : switched outlet

Device that provides electricity to the equipment connected to it when the ampli-tuner is on.

loudspeaker terminals click to hear : loudspeaker terminals

Jacks that connect the loudspeakers to the ampli-tuner.

input/output audio/video jacks click to hear : input/output audio/video jacks

Coupling jacks that transfer audio and video signals between the ampli-tuner and the various playback and recording devices.

antenna terminals click to hear : antenna terminals

Jacks that connect the AM and FM receiving antennas to the ampli-tuner.