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telecommunication satellites click to hear : telecommunication satellites

Space vehicles placed into geostationary orbit at an altitude of 36,000 km to receive and broadcast long-distance signals in the form of radio waves.
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Eutelsat transmission dish service module propulsion module solar array solar reflectors communication module transceiving dish Anik Intelsat

Eutelsat click to hear : Eutelsat

Family of European satellites launched 20 years ago to transmit television, telephone and business communications signals.

transmission dish click to hear : transmission dish

Antenna allowing the satellite to broadcast radio waves to an Earth station.

service module click to hear : service module

Section of the satellite housing the command and control systems.

propulsion module click to hear : propulsion module

Section of the satellite housing the rocket engine, which maintains the position and orientation of the satellite in its orbit.

solar array click to hear : solar array

Power supply device that converts solar energy into immediately usable electrical energy.

solar reflectors click to hear : solar reflectors

Protective panels used to deflect the Sun’s rays and lower the heat reaching the satellite equipment so it will not be damaged.

communication module click to hear : communication module

Part of the satellite that receives and amplifies signals captured by the dish and then relays them to the transmission dish.

transceiving dish click to hear : transceiving dish

Antenna allowing a satellite to capture radio waves emitted from Earth and to redirect them to ground stations.

Anik click to hear : Anik

Family of Canadian satellites. Anik A1, launched in 1972, was one of the first national telecommunication satellites.

Intelsat click to hear : Intelsat

First network of international telecommunication satellites; it was set up in 1965 to ensure exchanges of telephone and television signals from one end of the globe to the other.