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radio: studio and control room click to hear : radio: studio and control room

Area with two rooms separated by a glass window where audio programs are produced, recorded or broadcast.
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turntable control room bargraph-type peak meter audio console jack field producer turret stop watch cassette deck compact disc player digital audio tape recorder cartridge tape recorder tone leader generator clock volume unit meters audio monitor on-air warning light announcer turret microphone studio

turntable click to hear : turntable

Device using an arm fitted with a stylus cartridge to play back sounds from a record.

control room click to hear : control room

Room adjacent to the studio that is equipped with sound control and recording equipment; the director monitors the on-air program from here.

bargraph-type peak meter click to hear : bargraph-type peak meter

Instrument measuring peak sound intensity in a predetermined time period.

audio console click to hear : audio console

Console made up of all the devices used to control, adjust and mix sound.

jack field click to hear : jack field

Series of connector sockets (jacks) allowing various pieces of equipment to be linked to the audio console.

producer turret click to hear : producer turret

Control unit with a microphone that is used by the program’s producer to communicate with the announcer.

stop watch click to hear : stop watch

Instrument that precisely measures time in minutes, seconds and fractions of seconds.

cassette deck click to hear : cassette deck

Device used to play back and record sounds on a recording tape cassette.

compact disc player click to hear : compact disc player

Device using a laser beam to play back sounds recorded on a compact disc (CD).

digital audio tape recorder click to hear : digital audio tape recorder

Device using a small magnetic tape cartridge to digitally record a program for later broadcast.

cartridge tape recorder click to hear : cartridge tape recorder

Device for analog recording of a program for later broadcast using a magnetic tape cartridge.

tone leader generator click to hear : tone leader generator

Device producing the tracking or technical tuning signals that is inserted at the beginning of a recording.

clock click to hear : clock

Clock used to time a program.

volume unit meters click to hear : volume unit meters

Instruments measuring the relative intensity of the various sounds being broadcast or recorded.

audio monitor click to hear : audio monitor

Device that reproduces the audio portion of an on-air program to monitor its sound quality.

on-air warning light click to hear : on-air warning light

Light indicating that a program is being broadcast.

announcer turret click to hear : announcer turret

Control unit used by a program host or announcer mainly to turn a microphone on or off.

microphone click to hear : microphone

Device that converts electric pulses into broadcast or recorded sounds.

studio click to hear : studio

Soundproof area designed for sound recording; radio programs are produced here.