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digital reflex camera: camera back click to hear : digital reflex camera: camera back

Reflex camera that contains a sensor and a microprocessor rather than film; they record and store images in digital form on a memory card.
digital reflex camera: camera back image
achat d'image achat d'image

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eject button compact memory card cover viewfinder power switch menu button strap eyelet settings display button video and digital terminals multi-image jump button liquid crystal display erase button four-way selector remote control terminal image review button index/enlarge button

eject button click to hear : eject button

Button that pushes a memory card out of the camera.

compact memory card click to hear : compact memory card

Removable rigid card; it is a storage medium for photographs taken with a digital camera.

cover click to hear : cover

Part covering the memory card slot.

viewfinder click to hear : viewfinder

Device for viewing the scene to be photographed, framing it and adjusting its clarity.

power switch click to hear : power switch

Button for turning the device on or off.

strap eyelet click to hear : strap eyelet

Small ring that holds a strap to help carry the camera.

settings display button click to hear : settings display button

Button for displaying the camera’s settings on the screen.

video and digital terminals click to hear : video and digital terminals

Devices for attaching a camera to a television or a computer.

multi-image jump button click to hear : multi-image jump button

Button for skipping one or several images while viewing recorded images.

liquid crystal display click to hear : liquid crystal display

Screen that uses light reflected off liquid crystals to display alphanumeric data or images.

erase button click to hear : erase button

Button that erases a recorded image from memory.

four-way selector click to hear : four-way selector

Button for selecting from the various menus or scrolling through the recorded images.

remote control terminal click to hear : remote control terminal

Device that is attached to the camera by a cable so that it can be operated from a distance.

image review button click to hear : image review button

Button that displays recorded images.

index/enlarge button click to hear : index/enlarge button

Button that displays several images in index form or a specific image to be enlarged.