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portable sound systems click to hear : portable sound systems

Small self-contained sound reproduction equipment that can be carried easily from one place to another.
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personal radio cassette player auto-reverse button fast-forward button play button rewind button on-off button tuner cassette player cassette headphones tuning dial volume control headband headphone plug cable

personal radio cassette player click to hear : personal radio cassette player

Portable cassette player that also contains a tuner.

auto-reverse button click to hear : auto-reverse button

Control key that allows the reverse side of a cassette to be played without turning it over manually.

fast-forward button click to hear : fast-forward button

Control key used to fast-forward a tape.

play button click to hear : play button

Key used to play a cassette.

rewind button click to hear : rewind button

Control key used to rewind a tape.

on-off button click to hear : on-off button

tuner click to hear : tuner

Equipment used to receive signals transmitted by radio stations.

cassette player click to hear : cassette player

Device used to play back and record sounds on a recording tape cassette.

cassette click to hear : cassette

Rigid case containing a recording tape on which sounds can be recorded.

headphones click to hear : headphones

Sound reproduction device made up of two earphones mounted on a headband.

tuning dial click to hear : tuning dial

Button used to select a broadcast frequency.

volume control click to hear : volume control

Button that controls the loudness of the player.

headband click to hear : headband

Flexible band that holds the earphones on the ears.

headphone plug click to hear : headphone plug

Slot that takes the plug from the headphones.

cable click to hear : cable