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Internet click to hear : Internet

Global network consisting of thousands of public and private networks of varying sizes; it is linked by a set of standard communications protocols.
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uniform resource locator (URL) top-level domain second-level domain double virgule directory server file file format domain name communication protocol

uniform resource locator (URL) click to hear : uniform resource locator (URL)

All the data allowing access to a resource hosted by an Internet server (e.g., a Web page).

top-level domain click to hear : top-level domain

Part of the domain name that designates the country of origin or the category of organization (including government agency, commercial business and educational institution).

second-level domain click to hear : second-level domain

Part of the domain name that designates the server name.

double virgule click to hear : double virgule

directory click to hear : directory

Part of the URL address showing where the resource is located on the server.

server click to hear : server

Part of the URL address identifying the type of server. The best known is the Web server (www), which, as its name implies, hosts Web sites.

file click to hear : file

Part of the URL address specifying the name of the unit of data (file) corresponding to the chosen resource.

file format click to hear : file format

Group of letters specifying the way in which file data is encoded. For example, Web documents are generally written in HTML format.

domain name click to hear : domain name

Part of the URL address specifically designating the host. It must be registered with a domain name registrar.

communication protocol click to hear : communication protocol

Part of the URL address specifying the language used to exchange data. The HTTP protocol, which allows the transfer of Web pages, is the best known.