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office automation image

office automation
The electronic, computer and telecommunications technologies that are applied to office work.

office image

Place where an organization’s employees work; it can house administrative, management or production staff, depending on the company.

input devices image

input devices
Electronic devices used to transmit data and commands to a computer.

output devices image

output devices
Electronic devices used to view or print the results of data processing done on a computer.

uninterruptible power supply (UPS) image

uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Device used to regulate the power supply to the computer and its peripherals by limiting the effects of cuts, surges or dips in the electric circuit voltage.

data storage devices image

data storage devices
Electronic devices used to record or save data on a magnetic or optical medium.

communication devices image

communication devices
Electronic devices allowing computers to exchange data.

Internet image

Global network consisting of thousands of public and private networks of varying sizes; it is linked by a set of standard communications protocols.

Internet uses image

Internet uses
A number of user types use Internet tools and resources to communicate, find information and entertainment, make purchases and manage funds.

electronic book image

electronic book
Small portable computer in the shape of a book; it is used to download, store and read electronic books.

handheld computer image

handheld computer
Small portable computer with a miniature operating system; it is used mostly for personal management tasks (agenda, address book).

office furniture image

office furniture
All the furniture in an office; it is intended mainly for filing, storage and carrying out work tasks.

personal computer image

personal computer
Compact data processor consisting of a central processing unit that is connected to a monitor, a keyboard and various other peripherals.

examples of networks image

examples of networks
Networks are classified mainly by size (local area or wide area network) and topography (including ring, bus and star).

computer network image

computer network
All the computers and peripherals connected to one another, facilitating sharing of data and resources.

laptop computer image

laptop computer
Small stand-alone microcomputer with a screen and integrated keyboard; it is powered by an internal battery.