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laptop computer: rear view click to hear : laptop computer: rear view

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S-Video output FireWire port infrared port internal modem port video port USB port Ethernet port power adapter port cooling vent

S-Video output click to hear : S-Video output

Connector that links a computer to a video output peripheral (television set, video projector, VCR).

FireWire port click to hear : FireWire port

High-performance connector that conforms to the FireWire standard; it is used to link high-speed peripherals (camcorder, digital camera).

infrared port click to hear : infrared port

Device that uses infrared signals to exchange data with a device with a similar port (a network access transmitter-receiver, computer, printer).

internal modem port click to hear : internal modem port

Connector used to attach the internal modem (a two-way digital signal changing device) to a telephone line.

video port click to hear : video port

Connector used mostly to connect the computer to an external monitor.

USB port click to hear : USB port

Connector used to link several USB standard peripherals simultaneously; it is faster than serial and parallel ports.

Ethernet port click to hear : Ethernet port

Connector conforming to the Ethernet protocol; it is used to connect a computer to a local area network or another computer for file sharing.

power adapter port click to hear : power adapter port

Connector used to attach the power adapter to the computer.

cooling vent click to hear : cooling vent

Openings allowing air to enter to cool the computer’s internal components.