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output devices click to hear : output devices

Electronic devices used to view or print the results of data processing done on a computer.
output devices image
achat d'image achat d'image

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video monitor centering control horizontal control vertical control power switch brightness control power indicator contrast control

video monitor click to hear : video monitor

Device with a cathode ray surface that displays computer-generated graphics and texts visually.

centering control click to hear : centering control

Button that adjusts the position of the image on the screen.

horizontal control click to hear : horizontal control

Button that adjusts the width of the image.

vertical control click to hear : vertical control

Button that adjusts the height of the image.

power switch click to hear : power switch

Mechanical device that turns the monitor on or off.

brightness control click to hear : brightness control

Button that increases or decreases the contrast between the light and dark parts of an image.

power indicator click to hear : power indicator

Signal light indicating that the screen is on.

contrast control click to hear : contrast control

Button that adjusts the black and white part of an image.