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photocopier click to hear : photocopier

Equipment fitted with a photographic device, which reproduces written texts and images.
photocopier image
achat d'image achat d'image

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feeder output tray paper trays paper in reserve bypass feeder automatic sorting trays control panel cover document handler

feeder output tray click to hear : feeder output tray

Device used to collect unsorted photocopies.

paper trays click to hear : paper trays

Trays containing blank sheets of various standard-sized papers to be fed automatically into the photocopier.

paper in reserve click to hear : paper in reserve

bypass feeder click to hear : bypass feeder

Device used to photocopy multiple pages of a document consecutively.

automatic sorting trays click to hear : automatic sorting trays

Device made up of a series of receiving trays, which separate photocopies of the same document into several sets.

control panel click to hear : control panel

Panel housing the photocopier’s operating buttons.

cover click to hear : cover

Movable part covering the glass plate on which original documents are placed to be photocopied.

document handler click to hear : document handler

Device in which one or several sheets of paper are placed to be photocopied.