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control panel click to hear : control panel

Panel housing the photocopier’s operating buttons.
control panel image
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message display reduce/enlarge copy quantity stop start contrast control original overlay two-sided copies photocopy control color control reset copy output mode

message display click to hear : message display

Liquid crystal display that shows a variety of information (equipment settings, operations carried out, instructions or messages).

reduce/enlarge click to hear : reduce/enlarge

Function used to adjust the reproduction ratio to obtain an enlarged or reduced copy of the original.

copy quantity click to hear : copy quantity

stop click to hear : stop

Button used to stop making photocopies or to cancel the number of copies shown on the display screen.

start click to hear : start

Button used to begin making one or several photocopies based on the selected settings.

contrast control click to hear : contrast control

Function that adjusts the degree of darkness (density) of a photocopy automatically or manually.

original overlay click to hear : original overlay

Function that combines two original documents into one photocopy.

two-sided copies click to hear : two-sided copies

Button that chooses between one-sided printing (front only) and two-sided printing (front and back).

photocopy control click to hear : photocopy control

The buttons used to change certain photocopying characteristics (e.g., creating a white border or a margin).

color control click to hear : color control

Button that selects the color of the photocopy.

reset click to hear : reset

Button used to cancel all selected settings and return to the default settings.

copy output mode click to hear : copy output mode

Function that selects how copies will be handled as they come out of the photocopier (including sorting, stapling and folding).