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tower case: front view click to hear : tower case: front view

Tower case: rectangular enclosure that is taller than it is wide; it houses the operating components and peripherals of a personal computer.
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earphone jack power button floppy disk drive volume control CD/DVD-ROM drive CD/DVD-ROM eject button bay filler panel floppy disk eject button reset button

earphone jack click to hear : earphone jack

Slot that takes the plug from the earphones.

power button click to hear : power button

Button for turning the device on or off.

floppy disk drive click to hear : floppy disk drive

Device used to read or record data on a diskette.

volume control click to hear : volume control

CD/DVD-ROM drive click to hear : CD/DVD-ROM drive

Playback device using a laser beam to read the data recorded on a compact disc (CD) or digital versatile disc (DVD).

CD/DVD-ROM eject button click to hear : CD/DVD-ROM eject button

Button used to open the CD/DVD-ROM drive to retrieve the inserted disc.

bay filler panel click to hear : bay filler panel

Standard-sized panel covering an unused compartment through which electronic hardware can be added.

floppy disk eject button click to hear : floppy disk eject button

Button used to retrieve a disk inserted into the floppy disk drive.

reset button click to hear : reset button

Button used to reboot the computer in the event the system freezes.