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finger tip dater numbering machine stamp rack telephone index rubber stamp stamp pad rotary file moistener letter opener

finger tip click to hear : finger tip

Rubber sheath to cover the finger; it is used mainly to turn pages more easily or to sort papers or banknotes more quickly.

dater click to hear : dater

Device consisting of movable strips embossed with a series of digits and letters; it is used to print the date.

numbering machine click to hear : numbering machine

Device consisting of movable strips embossed with a series of digits; it is used to print numbers.

stamp rack click to hear : stamp rack

Rack used to hold such items as rubber stamps for dating and numbering.

telephone index click to hear : telephone index

Book in which frequently used names, addresses and telephone numbers are written and stored in alphabetical order.

rubber stamp click to hear : rubber stamp

Device consisting of an embossed rubber strip that is inked to print a stamp on an object or document.

stamp pad click to hear : stamp pad

Ink-saturated pad on which a rubber stamp is moistened prior to stamping.

rotary file click to hear : rotary file

Device with a set of files that rotate on a spindle for easy consultation.

moistener click to hear : moistener

Device used to moisten postage stamps and labels.

letter opener click to hear : letter opener

Small knife used to open envelopes and cut sheets of paper.