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office click to hear : office

Place where an organization’s employees work; it can house administrative, management or production staff, depending on the company.
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dressing room chief executive officer’s office president’s secretary waiting room movable panel workstation conference room reception president’s office executive secretary file room system support production manager accountant’s office photocopy room mail processing room storeroom employee lunchroom kitchen facilities gentlemen’s toilet ladies’ toilet fire escape stairs entrance hall elevator

dressing room click to hear : dressing room

Space designated for storing clothes, hats, umbrellas and so forth.

chief executive officer’s office click to hear : chief executive officer’s office

The chief executive officer (CEO) is responsible for the daily management of the organization in accordance with the guidelines set out by the board of directors.

president’s secretary click to hear : president’s secretary

Person who assists the president with administrative tasks such as correspondence, phone calls and appointments.

waiting room click to hear : waiting room

Space for visitors to wait for individuals with whom they will be meeting.

movable panel click to hear : movable panel

Lightweight divider that usually has feet and is used to section off various work spaces.

workstation click to hear : workstation

Space equipped for one or more employees to perform a set of designated tasks.

conference room click to hear : conference room

Room used for work-related meetings between employees or with visitors.

reception click to hear : reception

Staff member assigned to welcome visitors.

president’s office click to hear : president’s office

The president presides over the board of directors, which sets the overall direction of the organization.

executive secretary click to hear : executive secretary

Person who assists the chief executive officer with administrative tasks such as correspondence, phone calls and appointments.

file room click to hear : file room

Room where documents are stored for possible use.

system support click to hear : system support

Person responsible for providing material and services required to use computer programs and services.

production manager click to hear : production manager

Person responsible for planning and managing the production of goods and services within a company.

accountant’s office click to hear : accountant’s office

Staff responsible for keeping the account books in which an organization’s financial data are recorded.

photocopy room click to hear : photocopy room

Room housing document reproduction equipment (usually photocopiers).

mail processing room click to hear : mail processing room

Room for sorting incoming and outgoing mail.

storeroom click to hear : storeroom

Place where items are stored.

employee lunchroom click to hear : employee lunchroom

Room where employees eat their meals.

kitchen facilities click to hear : kitchen facilities

Section of the cafeteria that is equipped for meal preparation; it usually contains a refrigerator, a microwave oven and a coffee maker.

gentlemen’s toilet click to hear : gentlemen’s toilet

Men’s room designed to satisfy basic functions and equipped with toilets and sinks.

ladies’ toilet click to hear : ladies’ toilet

Women’s room designed to satisfy basic functions and equipped with toilets and sinks.

fire escape stairs click to hear : fire escape stairs

Stairs intended as an escape route for employees during an emergency.

entrance hall click to hear : entrance hall

Large room that provides access to other offices.

elevator click to hear : elevator

Mechanical apparatus with a car that provides automated movement of people between the levels of a building.