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stairs click to hear : stairs

Structural component enabling movement between floors of a house or other structure.
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starting step step groove newel post baseboard banister run open stringer flight of stairs closed stringer landing handrail goose-neck cap guard

starting step click to hear : starting step

Bottom step in a flight of stairs.

step groove click to hear : step groove

Width of the staircase.

newel post click to hear : newel post

Strong post at the top or bottom of a staircase supporting the handrail.

baseboard click to hear : baseboard

Plank of wood protruding from the base of a wall; it hides the joint between the floor and the wall.

banister click to hear : banister

Small piece of wood supporting the handrail and providing safety.

run click to hear : run

Width of a step as measured between two successive risers, excluding the nosing.

open stringer click to hear : open stringer

Diagonal piece of wood cut to fit the steps and risers and supporting the ends of the steps at the banister.

flight of stairs click to hear : flight of stairs

Set of steps lying between two floors, two landings or a floor and a landing.

closed stringer click to hear : closed stringer

Diagonal piece of notched wood supporting steps and risers and enclosing their ends.

landing click to hear : landing

Platform between two flights of stairs or at the top of a staircase.

handrail click to hear : handrail

Top part of a guard for gripping when climbing or descending a staircase.

goose-neck click to hear : goose-neck

Decorative detail at the end of a handrail.

cap click to hear : cap

Adornment for the top of a newel post.

guard click to hear : guard

Set of bars and a handrail bordering the stairs or the open side of a landing.