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textile floor coverings click to hear : textile floor coverings

Textile floor coverings, such as rugs and pile carpets, are comfortable and attractive, and dampen impact noise.
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rug pile carpet tackless strip underlay pile

rug click to hear : rug

Piece of thick heavy fabric usually having a nap and covering a section of the floor; it is removable.

pile carpet click to hear : pile carpet

Piece of thick heavy fabric attached to and covering the entire floor of a room.

tackless strip click to hear : tackless strip

Small strip of wood covered with tacks and nailed or glued to the perimeter of the room; the pile carpet is fastened to it.

underlay click to hear : underlay

Covering placed beneath the pile carpet to make walking more comfortable and to dampen noise.

pile click to hear : pile

Visible surface of a carpet made of raised fibers that are cut or looped.